For those who have recently moved into a new apartment or recently-built home you may be looking for a particular look when it comes to your furniture and interior design. If you are considering an up-to-date and classy theme, you may want to think about these modern mirror options. Modern mirrors are usually chosen to really stand out in a room. Therefore, there are many stylish designs to select from which are truly modern. One of the most popular types of modern mirror is the large glass framed wall mirror. Large black glass framed mirrors are incredibly sought after at the moment and are frequently featured in many home improvement publications. For example, these versatile modern mirrors would sit perfectly in an Art Deco styled room. They usually come with fitting options too. Large round gold or silver 3D styled mirrors are another excellent choice for the modern home. These high quality mirrors are sure to create a true style statement in your room. With modern mirrors you do not have to stick to the traditional mirror image either, as there are now unusually shaped mirrors available like the ‘pebble’ and ‘shatter’ effects which are sure to fit well with any style of décor.