Man has always been fascinated with his reflection, which until quite recently was only able to be seen in water. The first mirrors were made from polished stone or metal and gave little more than a vague resemblance of the person looking into to them. With advances in glass manufacture, mirror design progressed rapidly, and in combination with metals such as mercury, tin and lead, mirrors as we know them today were finally created. Today, almost all mirrors use glass in their design, with the majority coated with a fine leaf of metallic foil, which provides the reflection. Plane mirrors are flat mirrors, which reflect the light without changing the image, but there are also other types of mirrors such as convex and concave mirrors, which distort the light and hence the reflection we see. Mirrors are now available in many different designs and their use has spread from solely being there to see a reflection, to being one of interesting design and modern art. From contemporary to traditional, youÂ’ll now be able to find a type of mirror which suits your home and tastes perfectly.