Minimalism is a fairly new term in interior design that has been used over the past decade to describe a contemporary design style. The concept of minimalism is to have clean, tidy and clear from clutter homes, with empty work surfaces, limited decoration and certainly no ornaments. Some may see minimalist homes as a hard, ultra modern, cold design style that is unlived in and therefore uninviting, but in fact if done correctly a modern contemporary styled home can be absolutely stunning. With splashes of bright block colour a minimalist home does not have to be a white box and the concept of having clean and clear work surfaces with minimal accessories actually means that you look at the furniture itself and the square sharp lines that compliment this design style can be really quite beautiful in their own right. Although the use of accessories in a minimalist home is limited, it does not mean that they cannot or should not be used at all. A well placed coloured vase, bowl or cushion for example could add a modern splash of colour or soften an area slightly. Likewise, it is not unusual to find items on the walls in such styled homes. Artwork: Modern artwork or photography as stand-alone pieces work well with this décor. Placed against a light colour painted wall, a frameless piece of art can add a new dimension to the room providing it a focal point of interest. Works that are on canvases, are finished in acrylic and have a high glossy finish help to compliment the modern, almost man made appeal of this style. Mirrors: Much like artwork, when it comes to selecting a mirror for the minimalist home, less is most definitely more. Framed mirrors should be avoided and regardless of the use of the mirror, whether it be for the reflection, to spread light or as a piece of artwork in it’s own right, the mirror should preferably be all glass.  Not necessarily one piece of flat mirrored glass, but glass framed mirrors with a bit of modernism about them tend to be preferable.  Multi facet mirrors work well with this design style, as do black glass mirrors, all of which are large wall mirrors and not free standing as this creates an element of clutter. The minimalist style can reflect a person’s personality, suggesting that they are organized and like things to be tidy and have their place. They do not hold emotional attachment to material objects and appreciate modern design and techniques. They tend to like gadgets and embrace technology.