While mirrors are beautifully made to serve their functional purpose so that people can see their reflection in them and also make a room look more spacious, they can also be used to really get people talking and prove to be the focal point in a room. Multi facet mirrors are really special and this range of mirrors are the ideal choice for those looking for a mirror option that is simply more than a functional mirror. Acting more like pieces of artwork, multi facet wall mirrors can be placed as the show piece of a lounge or living room. Take a look at a selection of the multi facet mirrors now available for purchase via the Internet from top mirror retailers. 'Adahra' Large Round Gold/Silver Mirror This 3D-styled mirror would make for a high quality addition to any room and a true style statement in the home. Extra Large 'Pebble' Mirror The ‘Pebble’ is a stunning mirror which draws together smaller oval-shaped mirrors to create a unique effect that would go great with many styles and décor choices. Large 'Snowflake' Mirror This is certainly the time of year when a ‘Snowflake’ is quite apt. Another amazing mirror choice, the ‘Snowflake’ is sure to impress all your house guests.