For century’s people have been suspicious of mirrors, their reflective, distortive and infinite qualities and mirrors have featured in horror stories and mythical tales throughout the ages. A broken mirror is deemed to give the culprit seven years bad luck, a superstition that dates back to the Romans who were the first people to use glass for it’s reflective elements. This curse is said to be derived from a culmination of cultural beliefs with the Greeks, Chinese, African and Indian cultures all believing that a mirror can confiscate the soul. The ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui advises against the use of mirrors in bedrooms due to the amount of energy that they can consume and reflect back into the room. Even children’s fairy tales depict mirrors with magical powers e.g. “Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all” and stories such as Through The Looking Glass and so forth. Through various readings from around the world and from across the ages, it cannot be a coincidence that consistently mirrors have been considered a gateway to the afterlife and that a distorted image represents corruption of the soul; or can it? Could it be that for centuries human beings have enjoyed the adrenalin rush that a spooky story can summon, or is there too much history for it to be ignored, only you can decide…. Prints On The Mirror

It was a cold autumnal night and the wind could be heard moaning as it howled down the chimney. Leaves tapped the windows as they whirled from their trees and as the clocks had just gone back, even though it was still early, it was dark, very dark. Living  alone, the lady decided “what the hell it’s cold and I’m tired so I may as well have an early night.”

As she was brushing her teeth in preparation for bed she noticed some smears on her bathroom mirror. She gave them a light rub with her finger but they didn’t even move. She then bent down, toothbrush in mouth and picked up a cleaning cloth that lived behind the sink, but despite rubbing at the marks they still would not move. After she had finished her teeth she looked closer at the marks only to discover that they were in fact fingerprints. She could not remember touching the mirror but leant forward and breathed across the hand print and then rubbed at them again… this time to her horror the fated reality hit her….. the finger prints were on the inside of the mirror!

The Experiment More often than not when images are distorted, our brain has a natural desire to try to make sense of what we see. Try this; all you will need is a mirror and a candle. Make sure that the room you are in is darkened and light a small candle to the side of your mirror to illuminate the glass and your reflection. Gaze at yourself in the mirror allowing your eyes to relax. Do not fight to bring them back into focus, let the image haze and continue to stare at your image. If done correctly your reflection will change shape, mine appears slightly orange, almost demonic. Sleep Tight It was a dark, stormy winter’s evening and the man had just settled into bed. A clap of thunder was followed by a burst of bright lightening that illuminated his bedroom in a short burst. The man trying to be brave came out form under the covers where he would never admit to his friends that he was hiding from the awful weather, and following the next rumble of thunder began to count to try and work out the distance of the storm, was is coming for him? After just 2 seconds the room ignited in a flash of lightening. In that scary split second for no apparent reason the man looked across to his wall mirror where he was certain he saw cloud like faces staring back at him! The morning after, despite trying to reassure him self that the images he had seen were simply shadows, to prevent it form playing on his mind the man removed the mirror from his wall and stored it downstairs in the garage. That night, having had a busy day and forgetting about the events of the previous evening, the man took a shower in his routine preparation for bed. When finished he stepped out of the shower and began to dry himself on a towel when he turned and noticed his bathroom mirror…….written in the steam was a shaky note “Please return the mirror to your bedroom, we enjoy watching you sleep”   .