These days, traditional-looking mirrors and wall decorations are proving extremely popular with interior designers for creating a certain style in a home. Rococo is a word which combines the French for stone and shell and the Rococo period of history refers to the Late Baroque artistry of the 18th century. During this era, artists commonly used the two objects as motifs within their decorative designs. Even now, the ornate and playful style has been adopted by many people looking to recreate the look from this time. For a room which is elegant and ornate, Rococo mirrors can really add to the overall impression. As works of art, Rococo mirrors make a flamboyant statement in a home and they go well with ornate furniture and architecture which complements their style. In the modern home there is often a need to have pieces of history decorating the space, things which are reminiscent of a different place and time. France during the 18th century was a country where all types of art was produced with the nation flourishing, so it is no surprise that items like Recoco-style oval wall mirrors are a traditional decorative item which is able to look like it belongs in a contemporary setting.