Positioning a mirror above your fireplace is a timeless decor strategy. The mirror adds depth and creates an attractive focal point in your room. Typically fireplace mirrors offer a rectangular shape and are arched in style, however more and more people are now experimenting with new styles and designs creating a more contemporary feel. The mirror is able to reflect and enhance objects featured on your fireplace creating a beautiful centre piece in your room.

 The Basics:

Accurately measuring your wall space will save time when it comes to placing your overmantle mirror on the wall. For a classic look choose a traditionally styled mirror that fits the full width of your fireplace and hang directly above it. For a more contemporary look you could even hang multiple round mirrors, creating an eye catching feature. If you're hanging a large mirror use a heavy duty wall hanging kit to ensure your mirror is securely fastened to the wall.

Experiment with different mirror styles: Almost any mirror can work well above your fireplace. In our video below we've selected some classic and unique mirrors that would look fantastic featured above a fireplace.

Choosing a size: Large overmantle mirrors create a spacious feel by adding  depth to your living space. A large mirror positioned above your fireplace will reflect back the view directly opposite so make sure you position furniture pieces that you want reflecting. A glass framed mirror with a bevelled edge or perhaps an elegant, ornate framed mirror are ideal for smaller sized living spaces as they will still create an attractive appearance without overpowering your space.

If you have the luxury of  high ceilings a tall mirror  leant neatly up against your wall would work beautifully creating a modern, stylish look.

Create an arrangement: If your overmantle mirror is not reflecting anything interesting you may want to strategically place a floor lamp or wall art so that it will show up in the mirror. Once you're happy with your overmantle mirror you can then focus on adding decorative accessories to complete the look.

Candles, lanterns, flowers and photo frames all work well on a fireplace. Depending on the style of your mirror use accessories that will continue the look and wow guests. 

Check out our overmantle mirror inspiration video to get some inspiration for your own home.

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