When you think of placing a new mirror which is particularly large in size, the fireplace is usually the first place which springs to mind. This is because these oversized mirrors can be used to create the perfect over-mantle decoration for the room. Horizontal wall mirrors make the fireplace setting even more grand and elaborate. You can buy excellent large mirrors which have been handmade from wood with a beautiful finish in the gold leaf style. These mirrors have been placed over fireplaces horizontally for many years now. Going back to the late 18th century, people used to hang their large mirrors over their mantelpiece and this became a growing trend. The placement of these mirrors to decorate a room is now widespread, whereas back in these times they were usually only found in private European mansions. Nowadays you can buy mirrors in elaborately framed designs which look just great anywhere, but when placed above fireplaces horizontally they immediately become the main focal point of the room. The mirrors can become a symbol of extremely good taste and fashionable living. The delicate invention of large horizontal mirrors is a beauty to behold and make for an excellent interior architectural decoration.