For many years the mantelpiece, the area around a fireplace, often with a shelf, has been used as the main artistic and ornamental feature within a room. And while times may have changed, it is still common to decorate the chimneypiece with elaborate designs and beautiful objects such as mirrors. Modern methods of heating like the installation of gas and electric fires have certainly lessened the significance of the fireplace in most homes but this can still prove to be an important focal point within a room. This is why overmantle mirrors are still considered an excellent choice of feature for above the mantelpiece. If you take a look online you will notice that there are plenty of options when it comes to overmantle mirrors with a great range of large mirrors to select from. You will be sure to find the right design to suit your home and make the mirror a grand addition to the room. As well as large mirrors that would go perfectly just above the mantelpiece, there are also mirror styles that would be great when placed between two windows. The choice of placement is up to you but overmantle mirrors are certainly proving to be as popular as ever.