Benefits of a leaner mirror

Leaner mirrors have many benefits including creating the illusion of increased space. If positioned strategically across from the sunlight these mirrors can easily create the illusion of increased space, this is ideal for small living spaces as it can make a cramped looking space feel expansive.

Aside from its decorative purposes leaner mirrors can also reflect any form of light beautifully due to their large mirrored area. This allows you to save on energy as there is no need for multiple light fixtures as the mirror can easily illuminate the area. Additionally there is the practical advantage of leaner mirrors in the fact that they offer a full length reflection assisting when getting ready.                      

Full length and leaner mirrors are also used in the art of Feng Shui. It is proposed that a full length mirror should be used on your landing area as this will create positive energy in your home. If your staircase has more than one landing area you should place your leaner mirror here if there is adequate space pointing to the upstairs area.

It is suggested that you should never place a leaner mirror at the bottom of the stairs as it cuts off your feet when climbing the stairs.                   

How to secure a leaner mirror

These steps offer instruction on how to safely secure your leaner mirror against your wall.

1. Measure the top frame of the leaner mirror then locate the centre. Put a small piece of tape to mark the centre of the mirror.

2. Place your leaner mirror against your chosen wall where you would like it be positioned. * You may need 2 people to manoeuvre the mirror into positon.

3. With a pencil mark on your wall where the centre of the mirror is located.

4. Carefully remove the mirror from the wall and measure a few inches below the mirror and make a mark on the wall at this point.

5. Attach a wall anchor into your wall where you made the second pencil point.

6. Screw one end of the cable at the back of your mirror to the wall anchor.

7. Lean your mirror up against your wall attaching the other end of the cable to the wall anchor at the back of the mirror.                   

There you have it your wall mirror should be securely leant up against your wall therefore there is no fear of it getting knocked accidentally and moving.

The Exclusive Mirrors Team x