When you take a look at the various types of mirrors available to buy, the one you decide on will have something to do with the room you plan to use it in and whether it is for guests to view or for its functional use. With cheval mirrors, they offer their own benefits and reasons why you might want to purchase one. A few of these are discussed below. As a full length mirror, the cheval style is able to provide the user with a wide surface area and so this makes it ideal for those looking to use its reflective properties to aid them in getting ready. Therefore, it is no surprise that they are often referred to as dressing mirrors and generally placed in the bedroom. The fact that they are free-standing means that you will not have to mount a cheval mirror on the wall and while it will take up some floor space, they can usually be folded away when not in use. An advantage of them being floor-standing is that they can be turned to suit your preferred angle. You can choose your cheval mirror in a range of colours and styles to fit in with the d├ęcor of your room. And with their ability to enhance any room where they are stood, cheval mirrors are timeless objects, equally suited to modern as well as traditional homes.