Mirror, mirror on the wall, Who's the fairest one of all? It used to be that eyeglasses were only worn for function.  Nowadays, eyeglasses are used as both an aid to better vision and a fashion statement.  This is so much so that even people who don't need glasses for improving sight choose to wear them as a fashion accessory. Mirrors have traveled down a similar path.  Although there were always a variety of frames, mirrors were seen primarily as a functional item.  Nowadays, mirrors are also seen as an interior design tool and a great way to express one's personality. Personalities who are always sunny and exuberant can use light capturing mirrors.  Such mirrors are really wall art made out of pieces of mirror, for example, a shatter mirror which is a construction of long pieces of shattered glass.  There are also multi-faceted mirrors in the shape of a sunburst, the rays being beveled mirror pieces.  More choices for "Always sunny" include a variety of mirrors whose frames are complex constructions of mirror pieces such as overlapping bubbles, jigsaw pieces, and tilted blocks or tiles.  The light caught in these mirror pieces creates a sparkly effect, mimicing the vivacity and sparkle of the person who chose it.   Timelessly chic personalities will happily blend form with function.  Most important for them is surely a cheval or full-length mirror for a head-to-toe view.  "Timelessly chic" can choose from rectangular or oval, framed or frameless mirrors.  This personality can choose the frame that suits their dress style such as minimally modern, rich and regal, country cosy, and daringly dramatic. Some people just have to be noticed.  If they are not the center of attention, they are miserable.  "Notice me" can decorate with mirrors which have bold, attention grabbing frames.  These include black glass,black and white tiles that look like a crossword puzzle, ornate embossing, and complex etching. Mirrors can express one's personality in any room of the house.  Mirrors can also be used as an exterior focal point. The only real restriction is that there should not be any wood in mirrors used in the bathroom as the steam can cause warping and other damage. Speaking of bathrooms, beyond the traditional "over the sink" shaving or makeup use mirror, you can use additional mirrors to bring your personality into the bathroom.  "Always sunny" may like to place oval "window" mirrors to look as if one is looking outside.  "Timelessly chic" can create a stunning focal point with mirror, plants, and spotlight.  "Notice me" may wish to use mirrors to create a "never ending bathroom" effect. Of course, other personalities will find mirrors that express themselves, too.  From mirrors that are only functional to those that are only decorational and all the stages in between, today, there are mirrors for everyone. Here's looking at YOU, kid! -----------------------------------------------