In this day and age when people live such busy lives it is fairly easy for householders to neglect the housework. Within a matter of days the home can look untidy and cluttered. Over a longer period of time, ornaments and decorations can soon gather dust. While this is understandable to a degree, you can always make a greater effort to look after your possessions better this year. At the start of 2012, this is a good point to make a New Year’s resolution to care for all the mirrors you have installed around the house. They just need a bit of care and attention every now and again to keep them looking sparkling and as good as new. Then, should you ever have guests round for dinner, they will marvel at how attractive these wall decorations are and how they add to the atmosphere created in your home. It is not going to cost you the earth either to maintain your mirrors, so make it a priority to clean them according to the recommended methods when they are starting to lose their shine and seem dull. You won’t have to replace them so soon when you start to care for them as they were meant to be cared for.