It has been revealed that department store chain John Lewis is to incorporate virtual mirrors in its buildings at some point over the next year as it aims to improve its level of service and create more cross-selling opportunities. This new interactive service will give customers the opportunity to virtually ‘try on’ the store’s clothing products and accessories by superimposing the fashion items onto their reflection. The system has been designed by tech company Cisco and they expect that this new facility will prove to be popular with customers. The first John Lewis outlet to be fitted with these virtual mirrors is the Exeter store, which is being used as a trial. As long as it is successful, the system will be rolled out to one of John Lewis’ flagship stores. Speaking to Retail Gazette, Clive Grinyer, Director of Customer Experience at Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group, said:
“The technology takes the drudgery out of searching for items and exposes people to a wider range of clothing. “It will be more efficient and provide the retailer with the chance to cross-sell brands and accessories, while at the same time improving levels of service.”
Although it is still in the development phase, this virtual mirror technology may be about to change the traditional way that people shop for their clothes.