When you need to buy a mirror for a particular purpose, whether it is for functional or artistic usage, you should consider the room in which it is to be installed. The placement within the room itself is another consideration as it can affect the lighting dramatically. As there are now many different collections of mirrors available online, you will be able to choose the mirror that goes best with a particular theme or type of room. From this diverse range you can select from various sizes and styles of mirror to get what you are looking for. If a traditional mirror design is required for a look you are trying to create in a living room, dining room or bedroom, then you may wish to go for something like a classic gold antique style mirror. For a more contemporary feel in a room you could decide on a large glass framed wall mirror with a design that stands out from the rest. Depending on the room you are buying the mirror for, be it a bathroom, hallway or living area, you can get the right style that will go best with the d├ęcor and really suit its purpose perfectly.