Small rooms can be very confining and uncomfortable for some people. But renting an apartment or getting a home with very large rooms can be quite costly too. So how do you deal with it? There are a few proven tricks that can make your small room or home look bigger without hurting your wallet too much. Here they are: 1. Use mirrors: If positioned properly, mirrors can make your apartment look bigger. They reflect natural and artificial light and make an illusion of doubling the space. Glass furniture like glass tabletops can also give the room a more open and spacious look. 2. Use strategic colour schemes: Aside from making your room lively or dull, your choice of colours can also make your room either look smaller or bigger. Lighter or paler hues make a room look brighter because they maximize the effect of natural light, unlike dark colours that absorb light. Some suggest having a lighter ceiling color than wall colour, but another suggestion is this: paint both the walls and ceiling in the same shade. This method would avoid putting a demarcation line between the two and would make the area seem flowing, unbroken and yes, more spacious.   3. Open windows: Allow natural light to enter the room through big open windows. An open window connects you to the outdoors, giving you an impression of limitless space. Make sure to use light and airy fabrics for curtains if you need to put any. Do not use heavy drapes.   4. Lighten up: If natural light is not available, try several lighting elements which focus on different spots of the room. Overhead lighting fixtures are not enough. You would be surprised at how large the area will look.   5. Declutter: Cramming numerous things in a small room is definitely not the way to go. To give your room a spacious appearance, start organizing your things. Put important things in proper places and discard things that don’t have working roles. Don’t hold on to things that are not useful anymore. If you’re the sentimental one and can’t let go immediately, take it slow. Start organizing one area at a time. Categorize things from those you need, those you don’t need, and those you ”might” need. After the first round, do it again. Sooner or later, you’ll have your space clear of clutter.   6. Use multi-purpose furniture: There are certain furniture that can be used for multiple purposes. For example, a bunk bed can have a built-in bookshelf, tables can become dressers and benches can also have storage cabinets. These clever and trendy furniture can save you a lot of space!   What are you waiting for? Start doing these tips for a more spacious-looking home!