In the not-too-distant past, you could reasonably expect to have half a dozen bathroom mirrors to choose from – all top quality, but generally similar in style and design. If you take a look online now, you will notice that there are many mirror suppliers offering a wider selection of mirrors for the bathroom. Not only can you go for traditional shaped rectangular bathroom mirrors, you could even decide on the LED, back-lit or illuminated varieties which really make the most of the technology currently available. With manufacturers like HiB releasing new models onto the market all the time, consumers now have plenty of choice in picking out the right bathroom mirror for their needs. When it comes to features, these mirrors will certainly not disappoint either. Many of the latest mirrors have such things as 24-hour clock and radio functionality to go with LED lighting, while adjustable shelving options are a feature of the mirrored bathroom cabinets you can buy too. If you are in the market for a new bathroom mirror, there really has been no better time to get something stylish for this environment, one that provides light to increase the feeling of space and can be perfectly placed for maximum effect.