The sleet and snow appears to have eased (for now!) which can surely mean that spring is around the corner. Don’t wait until then to give your home a proper spring clean and get started ready for the new season. Not only is it a good opportunity to clear out the clutter and items that you no longer need but it is also a great chance to pay some much needed attention to those often neglected pieces of furniture – including your wall and decorative mirrors. We’ve got some top tips on how to give your mirrors a thorough clean and get them looking their sparkly best once again. If you’re anything like us, you’ll probably dread having to clean up your home’s mirrors – each room presents a different cleaning task which all of us wish to avoid, from grime and toothpaste marks on the bathroom mirror to perfume sprays and dust in the bedroom, there are all sorts of challenges to get through in order to get your wall mirrors looking like new again. Secret Weapon We’re going to fill you in on our not-so-secret ingredient that helps us clean even the toughest of mirror grime – vinegar. Grab an old spray bottle and fill it half with water and half with vinegar (clear vinegar, of course) and then spray liberally over your mirror and it’ll be clean in no time. This is especially useful for bathroom mirrors, which can suffer from a build-up of soap scum and will require tougher cleaning. Choosing the Right Cloth There’s nothing worse than cleaning glass mirrors and finding that they’re in a worse state than before you started thanks to left over cloth fibres and dust. Make sure that you use a lint free cloth so that your efforts don’t get wasted. Bedroom mirrors should only require a wipe over to get rid of dust so a damp lint free or microfiber cloth should do the trick. Make it Shine with Soda Water You may not know about the many, many uses for soda water (not just a mixer you know!) but one fantastic way to use it is to add shine to surfaces and to glass framed mirrors. Spray it on with a spray bottle or dip a cloth in a glass and use it to bring some life back into the glass. Not only will it help remove some tough marks and stains but it is also odourless and won’t ruin the walls if you accidentally miss your target. Use it on glass to ensure it stays looking sharp and glossy. Regular cleaning will keep your mirrors looking their best - once you’ve had your spring clean, get into the habit of making it a routine part of your cleaning cycle and you’ll be saved a lot less hassle when it comes to those more in-depth cleaning sessions. Good luck and happy spring cleaning!