At the end of the day, when it’s time to check-in for the night and head to bed, sliding under soft covers is heaven on earth. Dreamland will never feel as good as when your bed and your surroundings create a relaxing and stress-free environment.  

Keep It Simple

Creating such a haven can be easily accomplished by purchasing a few simple items that won’t break the bank and put your budget into a tailspin. Incorporating items you already have and giving them a once-over can turn old standbys into updated and trendy décor options for your bedroom oasis. Keeping the décor low-maintenance also adds to the comfort zone and allows you to enjoy the peace and serenity of the bedroom with all the stress, aggravation, and hectic schedules of the day left outside the bedroom door.  


Keep it simple and elegant by investing in quality linens. By spending a little extra for high-end bed products that hold up longer through daily use and multiple washes and dryings, you will spend less time replacing faded or threadbare linens. You can peruse the inventory of sheets, mattress covers, comforters, throws, and duvet covers, and you can find pillows at to keep your bed properly dressed.  


We all have comfort accessories and knickknacks we like to display, but unfortunately, those items become major dust collectors requiring extra time to clean. An easy way to incorporate souvenirs and mementos into the bedroom décor is putting them under a glass cube or behind glass panels. Once your favourite items are placed behind the glass partition, they will remain clean and secure. The glass panels are easily cleaned with spray concentrate and a paper towel. For pictures, try grouping them together, staggering them in front of each other for a layered and grouped look. This will add volume to your set of pictures. Mirrors can also add plenty of depth to your room. Try adding stand-up mirrors behind nightstands or a large pub mirror with hooks, which will add an antique flare to your room.  

Plants and Flowers

Artificial plants and flowers are a nice addition that brings a sense of the outdoors to any room if fresh flowers are not an option. While silk and dried flower arrangements are lovely by adding seasonal colour, they too can become victims of too much dust. There are special cleaners for silk flowers, and vacuuming is another option. As an alternative, choose plastic flowers that can be removed from the arrangement and rinsed or decorate with artificial plants with large leaves that are easily wiped with a damp cloth.  


Purchase an assortment of easy-to-wash throw rugs in a variety of colours and patterns to liven up the bedroom. If the bedroom has an Oriental theme, use bamboo mats as rugs or as window shades. The mats are easily cleaned with a quick once over with a vacuum or taken outside and shaken to remove dirt. Purchase decorative pillows for the bed or chairs with removable covers for easy wash-ups. Choosing low-maintenance options will keep the clutter down and the stress away. Your bedroom is a place to relax and rest. Having a simple setup will add ease to your bedroom atmosphere.