With people becoming more and more concerned with how their homes look, it is only natural that they would want every room to provide a showcase for their interior design skills. The bathroom is no different. This room will always be the place where one can go to take a bath or a shower, brush their teeth and go to the toilet, but it can still be decorated so the space is more appealing. One of the most popular ways to achieve this is by going for a bathroom mirror or mirrored cabinet. The cabinet obviously offers more in terms of storage, which is why many householders see these as ideal products in which to store all their daily essentials. Yet, they also look amazing too, with a selection of impressive modern designs to choose from. Bathroom mirrors can provide a real decorative piece in the room and the latest designs include low energy consuming illuminated models to really offer a stylish option for the room. The one you go for will obviously depend on which would be able to meet your current needs, but whichever you decide is right for your home, this can certainly add to the overall character of the bathroom.