Despite the fact that we are now settling into April, there has been a distinct lack of sunshine so far this year which is doing little to lift our mood.  So as we escape the cold bitter weather, what better way to bring the sun indoors than with a sunburst mirror?  A beautiful statement piece, they add just the right amount of detail to a room without being show off or garish. Background Sunburst (otherwise known as starburst) mirrors are hardly a new concept.  In fact, they have quite an interesting history which dates back to King Louis VIX of France who was self-described as the ‘Sun King’, and had a particular affinity for mirrors – he even established Northern Europe’s  first mirror and glass factory in  St. Gobain, France.  Whilst he wasn’t the designer of these ornate mirrors, he was possibly the inspiration.  It is believed that the French Revolution in the 18th Century was where they first made an appearance, where according to renowned New York antique dealer Louis Bofferding, "The revolutionaries stormed, shuttered, even destroyed monasteries, convents and churches. Among the loot of the rabble were the gilded aureoles of celestial rays that had haloed representations of the Holy Family and saints on altars," these pieces were then sold on by French antique dealers who placed mirrors in the gaps, sparking the trend we know today. Use Sunburst mirrors are a great way to brighten up a room.  They have a cheerful, bright quality that can lighten up even the plainest of décor and are also artistic and beautiful   There’s something astronomical about them as well that makes them both modern and traditional and can be striking when combined with other similar decorative themes such as moons and stars. Sunburst mirrors are more of a decorative piece than a functional wall mirror.  The mirrors themselves tend to be small in size in order to let the focus rest on the impressive frame.  Saying that, larger styles do exist that makes them look even grander in the home. Styles Starburst mirrors come in a range of great styles.  From more traditional, wisp like rays coming out of frames, to rounder, full sunbeam effect, they are one of the most creative mirror frame styles that make a fantastic feature for walls. As well as shape, frame type is another area where the sunburst mirror shows diversity.    Glass frames give a modern appearance which catch and reflect the light to create stunning effects whilst metallic frames are more traditional and add serious style to a home.  Another, more modern, option is a wooden framed sunburst mirror, which has the benefit of being neutral and therefore easily blended with your interior but also has a natural quality that is very popular at the moment. There’s no denying that starburst mirrors are both an attractive and artistic mirror style.  Try one in your home this spring for some instant sunshine by looking at Exclusive Mirror’s beautiful sunburst mirror styles here.