The Venetian mirror was first introduced to people living in the Italian city of Venice at the start of the sixteenth century and this style of mirror has become one of the most loved home decorations in the world. The beautifully crafted mirror from northern Italy is a masterpiece in glass making and this is why it is still regarded as the mirror of choice for many households. Having a Venetian mirror take pride of place in your lounge or living room is like hanging a piece of art on the wall. Its timeless elegance is unmatched, especially in terms of using a mirror as a decoration. Venetian glass is truly ornate and the glass pieces that make up each design can create a classic style. These versatile reflective mirrors are known for their clear translucency and they will go well with most types of furniture within a room, while providing a focal point for guests to admire every time they come round to visit you. There is a range of beautiful Venetian mirrors to select from these days and they come in all kinds of colours, so you can pick out something special that will really add to your home, giving a real feeling of light and space to a room.