Ah le Francais. Paris, the Palace at Versaille, the Moulin Rouge. What images do these bring to mind? Decadence, ornate beauty and decorations fit for royalty.

Marie Antoinette is a figure who perhaps sums up the extravagance and vanity we often associate with French history and aesthetic. Famed for her love of gambling and spending money, she spent vast amounts on rouge for her face and pomade for her hair, therefore mirrors on furniture were very important. You can imagine the young queen sat at a beautiful, large, highly ornate dressing table in front of a rococo mirror with a lavishly decorated frame, having her rouge touched up by a maid. French furniture works really well in bedrooms because the ornate designs create a beautiful, relaxed atmosphere. The pastels, golds and pale colours of this period mean that the items fit with most colour schemes, and all you need is one statement piece such as a dressing table and a couple of pretty cushions on your bed and you have already evoked the feeling of a French palace. Alternatively if you'd prefer a sexy bedroom to a feminine one, you could go for deep reds and satin bed sheets to recreate a boudoir and hint at some of the old Moulin Rouge glamour. What we typically describe as beingĀ "French" design is inspired by a particular period in French history, marked by the "reign" of Madame de Pompadour. It's the lavish rococo designs, floral embroidery and gold finishes which we associate with palaces and came about during a period of particular extravagance in France. Furniture has curved arms and legs, and carved decorations. Mirrors are used on wardrobe doors or on the fronts of drawers and cabinets to create eye catching pieces. It's ostentatious and screams wealth and luxury. It's this element of luxury which makes it work so well in a bedroom, particularly for dressing tables which are a fairly luxurious item of furniture, being designed as they are purely for vanity. What's more decadent than an item of furniture designed mostly around a mirror, for no other function than to sit at and make yourself look beautiful? And there's something about the gold, the pretty curves, the elegant designs that makes you feel extravagant and regal as you sit and do your make up. Combining luxurious items with pastel colours and embroidered cushions will help you to evoke French glamour in your room and bring a touch of Marie Antionette's lavish style to your life. .