Gold mirrors have definitely had a comeback over the last few years. They are back in vogue in a big way and we want to share some tips on how to introduce a gold mirror into your home. Gold mirrors can work in almost any room in your home and with a variety of styles available you can find one that will enhance or complement your current living space.

Although many people believe you should never mix gold and silver together we feel it works great and can create a wonderful glamorous feel in your home.

Why you should introduce a gold mirror into your home: What better way to introduce a luxurious feel into your home than with the beautiful finish of a gold mirror. A few years ago gold had faded out of trend and there was a big focus on silver being very fashionable and contemporary. Some individuals may find gold rather traditional and pretentious for their own chosen style. There are individuals who are not afraid to indulge in gold accessories within their interior. We are starting to see gold re-emerge within our home designs with a more stylish modern twist.

The exceptionally popular shabby chic design encompasses gold and therefore we have seen a big craze of gold being used in many home to create the shabby chic look. Gold is a precious metal that has connotations of wealth and luxury. It truly is a timeless look and when used in the frame of a mirror it can complement the glass beautifully. Gold was once only found in the homes of the rich and famous and was a sign of wealth nowadays gold can be used tastefully in any home environment to add a touch of luxury and class.

Too much gold in your home can become overpowering as with any aspects of designs. A tasteful way to introduce gold into your home is with a gold framed mirror. You can be as selective as you like opting for a grand gold mirror to create a centrepiece in your home or a more subtle gold trimmed mirror.

Gold Mirror Inspiration: Below we have highlighted 3 types of gold mirrors to offer you some inspiration for your own home design

Ornate Antique Gold Mirror:

chelsea gold mirror              

This full length Chelsea mirror is the perfect example of a shabby chic style mirror. The mirror combines both a traditional classic look with a more contemporary feel, perfect for integrating into any home décor. This mirror is exactly the type of mirror that would make a wonderful statement in your home. With its impressive carving detail to the frame, the mirror is ideally suited for any bedroom or hallway.  

We’ve seen these mirror used in many homes and they look simply exquisite.

Rococo Style Mirror:

gold rococo mirror            

This mirror mixes 2 design trends that are becoming increasingly popular; the wonderful Rococo style with the gold finish. This mirror is all about the striking baroque style frame that is heavily decorated with intricate detail. Perfect for any traditional or contemporary décor this mirror is very versatile and would create a stunning focal point in your home.

Lavishly adorned with typical Rococo style motifs this mirror would enhance any room it was featured.

Modern Style Mirror:

modern gold mirror                  

This mirror demonstrates that gold can also be contemporary. The large area of glass provides a real stylish, modern feel but is then complemented beautifully by the elegant gold trim. The subtle introduction of gold will have an impact on any current interior. This mirror is oozing with style and class and would certainly brighten up any living space.

Can Silver and Gold Be Mixed Together? Sometimes people can be wary of mixing gold and silver together as they are both dominating colours, we however believe if done tastefully it can look fabulous. Most people will have a preference of one or the other, modern trends also tend to lean towards silver finishes and even more so chrome. However with some simple experimenting you can enrich your home décor to a new level of beauty with the introduction of gold items. Many homes will already utilise both colours however because it is done so subtly you may not even notice.

Many kitchens combine silver fixtures and fittings with gold lighting or spotlights. In living rooms and bedrooms you may find modern silver picture frames combined with luxury gold lamps or even door handles. What you will find is that done correctly and in a strategic way gold and silver can work together seamlessly. Try it out for yourself in your own home interior.

The Exclusive Mirrors Team x