The bathroom mirror is an underrated yet essential part of every bathroom. Their importance can be seen in both their practical value and style. On the one hand, bathroom mirrors are vital to your everyday trimming and tidying, whilst on the other, they act as an underrated, yet effective addition to your bathrooms interior design. There are a variety of different bathroom mirrors, all with differing attributes that give different benefits to your bathroom in one way or another. Infinity Mirrors Infinity mirrors are a luxurious, eye-catching addition to any bathroom. These types of mirrors are perfect for style-conscious homeowners, who are keen to keep up with the cutting edge of modern bathroom design. The 3D effect produced by these mirrors will transform your bathroom into an ultra trendy, futuristic bathing space. As well as this, the 3D also has practical applications. The optical effect of the lights going far into the background creates the illusion of depth. This subtle yet effective feature makes it appear as if the bathroom is far more spacious than it is in reality, which adds an open, luxurious feel to the room. LED LED Bathroom mirrors are another fantastic addition to the modern bathroom. These mirrors have a number of small LED bulbs attached to the face, which creates a variety of benefits for the owner. Firstly, the illumination generated by these bulbs is extremely helpful in a practical sense, as they allow you to comprehensively examine things like skin blemishes, and the condition of your teeth and hair. LED bathroom mirrors are also a stylish selection, as their typical chrome surfaces and smooth edges allow them to both complement and enhance the appearance of any modern bathroom. Finally, the type of bulbs used makes these mirrors an environmentally friendly choice. LED lights have both an extremely long lifespan and a low level of energy consumption. This means that they are not a drain on your electricity bill and that you wonÂ’t need to constantly replace them. Mirror Cabinets Mirror cabinets are an attractive, functional option in the world of bathroom mirrors and offer a multi-purpose solution to a variety of your bathroom needs. One of the primary gripes with any bathroom is that there is too much clutter. Walk in to most bathrooms and you will see the place filled with bottles of shampoo, conditioner, shaving foam and a variety of medications, which can be unsightly. A mirror cabinet offers you an additional storage space, which to keep all of your essential, yet space-consuming products out of the way.