Some of the most popular types of mirrors currently available are made out of materials which have been available for centuries. Wood for example is a very popular choice for a mirror and can work well in either a modern or traditionally styled home. Wooden mirrors can either highlight the natural beauty of the wood itself or can come in beautifully painted and stylised designs, where wood is used as a substrate material but unless you stripped the mirror bare you would never know it had been used in the manufacture of the frame. Wooden mirrors come in every shape and size and make beautiful additions to any home. An extra large gold wreath mirror made of wood, for example, can add a stylish focal point to any room. The carved wooden surround finished in a warming gold colour sparks of opulence and austerity. And with mirrors like this being over two metres in height, they look superb when they are sited over a fireplace in a room with high ceilings or when they are situated in a hallway. Because wood can be painted quite easily you’ll find wooden mirrors in a plethora of colours and designs, all you have to do is choose a mirror which fits in with your home décor.