It is true to say that mirrors are not always the easiest objects to clean. Many people neglect to look after the mirrors in their home due to some of the frustrations involved. However, what they might not have considered is changing their cleaning method, so that the usual dirt, streaks and cleaning residue is fully removed from the item for once. While there is no one universal strategy that is recommended for everyone, there really are ways to ensure the mirror is left sparkling and streak-free following this process. Next time, you might not be so averse to getting on with this task now you know what is required. Firstly you need to refrain from using harsh chemicals on the mirror surface and the frame. Make sure you only use products which are recommended for this task or create the solution yourself. This can be achieved by combining one cup of distilled or white vinegar with four cups of warmish water. Once you have achieved this you should now remove any marks or dirt from the surface and then use a newspaper to act as a cloth. Make slow circling motions with the newspaper strips and rub across the mirror surface. It is important to ensure the mirror is left dry afterwards.