There are many benefits to selecting a large mirror for your home – from creating the illusion of light and space to providing a fantastic focal point for your chosen room. Statement mirrors make a fantastic alternative to wall art or photographs and are increasingly being used by interior designers to transform a space into one of interest. Adding a large ornate mirror to your home is an affordable and easy way to transform a room and can provide the perfect finishing touch.

French Mirrors for the Bedroom A beautiful French mirror is a stylish way to give your bedroom an elegant finish. French mirrors can look vintage thanks to their intricate detailing and are available in a range of finishes to suit the rest of your décor.  A large standalone mirror can also be a great feature to separate a room or hide some items you’d rather not have on display.

Ornate Mirrors for the Living Room Nothing adds light to a room more than a large wall mirror. Placed above a fireplace or cabinet, it can be used to make a room appear larger as well as giving it an on-trend and luxury look. Exclusive Mirrors' Abby Mirror is a gorgeous silver framed mirror which has a beautiful floral design and is available in a range of colours that will be sure to brighten up any living room. Large wall mirrors are perfect to fill any gaps on your walls which you feel are lacking something special.

Clean Shapes for a Modern Touch Large mirrors which feature clean shapes and slick designs can be sure to add a modern touch to any room. They will blend easily into most colour schemes and can bring an up to date look to your home. Sometimes the simplest styles are the ones that work best and the black frame of this design gives it a chic look that will smarten up your home without the need for expensive re-decoration.

Mirrors for decoration Large wall mirrors are great for enhancing a space, as well as of course being essential for checking your appearance before you head out, but decorative mirrors now come in all shapes and sizes and can be used to create interesting features for your home, making a fantastic alternative to picture frames. Positioned carefully they can be placed so that the light hits them to make for a unique and dazzling feature in your chosen room.  At Exclusive Mirrors we have a fantastic range of large decorative mirrors, ideal for brightening up and adding the perfect finishing touch to any room of your home.