It was way back in 1815 when Sir David Brewster came up with the design for the kaleidoscope, where a number of mirrors are attached together to form a circle. Coloured bits of glass are often used to create a beautiful pattern. When a person looks into one of these objects, they see this array of colours due to the fact that light enters the other end and reflects off the various mirrors which have been formed together. Over the years many artists have used kaleidoscopes within their creations to create various colourful patterns. Within the object chamber things like beads or pebbles can be used to make up the form. While most people do not think about having these tubes as devices within their homes these days, they are a reminder of what can happen when light is reflected to make beautiful patterns. It is true that you might choose to opt for a more minimalist modern design when looking for a decorative mirror for your home, but if you want something more unusual, you might still wish to consider some of the more colourful and artistic mirror styles you can now buy online from a reputable mirror stockist.