Most women will agree that no wardrobe is complete without the investment of a black dress. Especially at this time of the year – as party season is upon us for many the little black dress is a saving grace. Dress it up, dress it down, add a splash of colour, jewelry, heels, flats; the little black dress is so versatile that if you invest in a good quality one you are sure to keep it for years. So, the jewel in the crown within the wonderful world of interiors, the little black dress of the design world, the must have item for the home…. has to be a simple but by no means plain, clear glass framed wall mirror. And here’s why… Versatility – As these mirrors have no colour or overlying patterns they work well with any interior. They reflect the colours and details of the room and so regardless of your design style a plain glass framed mirror will almost certainly compliment the décor. What’s more, if you redecorate or change the decoration of the space in any way you will still be able to use the same mirror time and time again. The majority of these wall mirrors are also so versatile that they can be hung landscape, portrait, over mantle or can even be used as a leaner mirror. Timeless – Just like the little black dress, if you invest in a high quality glass framed mirror, provided you have no accidents with it, your mirror will be in your home for years to come. It is not deemed a fashion item that will go out of vogue within a few seasons. It is the stunning simplicity of the mirror that means you will be able to use it, reuse it and enjoy it for years to come. Less is most definitely more in this case. Size - Glass framed mirrors are available in a multitude of shapes and sizes, but to achieve that unique ‘one size fits all’ timelessness we would recommend opting for a simple rectangular mirror measuring 120 x 80cm or there about. This means that your mirror will be large enough to make an impact in a large space, but not too big that it would over power a smaller room if this was also a consideration. This type of sizing would be considered the ‘regular’ standard size of mirror and is a safe bet if you are unsure of exactly where the mirror will be positioned. Cost – The simplicity of these mirrors usually means they are reasonably priced, but be sure to invest in a good quality mirror to ensure its longevity. A good mirror is made from heavy-duty glass and may have a bevel around the edge. It will be crystal clear and sparkle in both natural and artificial lighting.  At it’s best a clear glass framed mirror makes a sophisticated statement in a classic style often with a modern twists e.g. it may have envelope corners or an overlapping detail but still the beauty is in the simplicity. Clear glass framed mirrors are the perfect home accessory at any time of the year, but also make terrific Christmas gifts. For a parent, a couple who have everything, new home owners, or as a personal investment; glass framed mirrors are just like that little black dress, a must have essential for the home. .