If you have ever been to a fun fair or carnival then you will almost certainly have heard of a hall (or house) of mirrors. These are mysterious and puzzling as you try to work your way around the maze of distorted mirrors. They work on the premise of perception, as people can easily get confused by the unusual reflections they see of themselves and this makes it harder to follow the right path to the end. These halls of mirrors are designed to be fun though and you can have a laugh at yourself as the mirrors transform the way you look. A house of mirrors has often been used in the world of TV and film as well, with the mirrors serving as a great way of showing how tricky a certain villain might be. One of the most famous scenes where this attraction is used as a backdrop for a battle is in the James Bond movie The Man with the Golden Gun. In this the baddie Scaramanga is trying to outwit 007 in a game of cat and mouse, played in his confusing “Fun House”. As well as proving to be mysterious, mirrors are also a thing of beauty and this is why many people choose to hang their decoration, pride of place in their living room or bedroom.