We are all aware that the positioning of a wall mirror can indeed bring additional light and space to your home but are you aware of exactly where to position your mirror to achieve this? There are several do’s and don’ts when it comes to the positioning of your mirror within your home.

In this guide we offer tips which will allow you to fully utilise your mirror to create a wonderful home environment.

Avoid Clutter

A strategically placed mirror can easily double the length of your room whether it is in your home or workplace. However with this in mind not only are you doubling the length of your room you are also doubling the amount of items that are reflected in the mirror.

Therefore it is vital to avoid clutter, if your mirror is reflecting clutter this could detract from the increased space you have achieved and make your home look untidy. Consider what items you are going to position in the mirrors reflection. You may wish to position items you are looking to show off whether it be an ornament or a piece of furniture.             

Think carefully about Your Mirror and Natural Light

Bevelled edge mirrors are one of the best at reflecting the light and helping to brighten up your home. Their bevelled edge design refracts the natural daylight offering a sparkle to your living space. Let as much natural light into your home as possible and let the mirror do the hard work by projecting the light around your room.

Think carefully however if you are planning on positioning your mirror directly opposite a window. Although you will get a stunning reflection it can become overpowering. If it is a sunny day and direct sunlight is reflected off your mirror this can cause a blinding reflection that can become uncomfortable.

Consider Distance and Height

Ideally the distance from the floor to the top of the mirror should be no less than 6 feet this generally means the mirror will be hung in the eye line of individuals. If you are looking for a mirror that serves as a practical solution you should look to position the centre of the mirror at the average eye height of around 5 feet from the floor. If a mirror is purely for decorative purposes it can be hung at any height.

If you position a mirror lower than eye level you should consider what the mirror is reflecting this is likely to be a piece of furniture or decorative items.            


Generally you should not place a mirror directly against the wall in rooms with high moisture levels. In a room with high moisture levels like a bathroom you should place your mirror a short distance away from your wall allowing a circulation of air to reach behind it. If air is unable to reach behind the mirror you run the risk of a dark stain appearing on your wall.

Grouping Mirrors

If you are considering grouping a combination of mirrors together this can create an extremely effective look within your home. Varying the sizes of the mirrors will create an interesting feature and a stunning focal point within your home.

Look for mirrored frames that complement each other whether that be an antique gold mirror with a silver framed mirror. You should also look for textures that are similar whether that be antique style frame or a smooth modern finished frame.             

We hope this guide has provided you with some tips when it comes to the placement of your wall mirror within your home. Consider what it is you are looking to achieve with the mirror this will help you determine where you should position it. Look out for further design advice on our blogs.

The Exclusive Mirrors Team x