The use of large mirrors in homes really took off in the 18th century as everyone wanted these beautiful decorations to hang above their mantelpieces. In fact it became like a craze as homeowners grasped on to the realisation that these were becoming luxury furnishings that they simply could not do without. Large overmantle mirrors still needed to be installed with great care, but it was said that a home was not complete without a fireplace mantel with a mirror hanging above it. These added attractions made a statement of refinement and luxury within a room. Not all overmantle mirrors needed to be elaborate either; the simple designs were also popular and these mirrors could be used to decorate the hall, bedroom or living room of a home. Mirrors have traditionally been placed over the fireplace and between the windows. Overmantle mirrors are still popular today and can turn any ordinary room into something which looks quite extraordinary. Their grand size, beautiful architecture and wonderfully wooden gilded frames add a touch of class to any room. If you are considering the purchase of a large mirror to hang over your fireplace and embellish the room, then you can be sure that these overmantle mirrors are able to do exactly that.