A bathroom mirror along with other bathroom accessories is likely to be the last finishing touches made to any bathroom but nonetheless still very important. Bathroom mirrors have become increasingly diverse and many have other functionalities other than just a simple mirror.

When it comes to buying your bathroom mirror you should consider the following; what size you will need, what style mirror you would like and if you require any further functions from your mirrors. If you choose an illuminated mirror you should also consider any further electrical work that may be required.

Position: Generally the position of you bathroom mirrors is dictated by where the mirror will be most practical. This is usually above the basin in your bathroom. However as bathroom are all laid out differently and due to windows and other items in your bathroom you may have to position your mirror on an adjacent wall. As wall space is precious in your bathroom you may not have much of it free therefore a freestanding bathroom mirror on your windowsill may be another solution.

Size: Traditionally bathroom mirrors are shaped in a portrait format as this design requires less wall space and offers you a generously sized reflection, suiting the majority of height ranges. Often the mirror is a similar size to your basin stand it is positioned above. Of course there are other bathroom mirrors sizes available a large rectangular mirror is perfect for bathroom where wall space is at a premium. This will also help to increase the light in your bathroom and offer the illusion of a larger space. The larger the mirror the more light is able to be projected around your room.

Style: There is now a much larger range of bathroom mirrors designs available in the market. You will be overwhelmed by the extensive choice available. As the demand for bathroom mirrors to offer new and improved features you can now purchase a bathroom mirror with inbuilt lights, clocks and even radios. Below we have selected some popular mirror styles and have highlighted some of the benefits of each mirrors.

Standard/Decorative Bathroom Mirrors: Traditional bathroom mirrors are not usually plain and many feature decorative details like patterned borders or rounded edges to add a stylish twist to your bathroom. Generally bathroom mirrors tend to be frameless as opposed to having a heavy ornate wooden frame. This is because they are easier to clean and will not overpower your current bathroom décor. The frameless design of these mirrors also means there is a greater area to reflect the light and brighten up your space this is extremely useful in small bathroom spaces. Many bathroom mirrors offer a frosted glass effect to the border to add a modern twist to the mirror. There are also generally two types of bathroom edges; polished and bevelled. Bevelled edges tend to be more expensive but will enhance your current bathroom.

The bevelled edge offers a stylish alternative to the ordinary polished edge and is perfect for any art deco inspired bathrooms.     

Benefits: • Easy to install • No electricity required • Relatively Cheap Backlit Bathroom Mirrors: Backlit bathroom mirrors consist of an opaque area usually towards the outer edge of the mirror with a lamp behind. The opaque area will then become illuminated once the backlight is switched on.

Generally these mirror are ideal for any bathroom which may be short of any natural daylight. The backlights tend to be long lasting and therefore will last you for many years.      

Benefits: • Resistant to steaming due to warmth emitted from the bulbs • Ideal for helping you get ready/apply makeup • Provide additional lighting to your bathroom LED Bathroom Mirrors: LED bathroom mirrors are very similar to backlight mirrors however tend to have a smaller more subtle illuminated area.

The LED bathroom mirrors tend to offer a more contemporary feel to your bathroom. The mirror will have a large number of LED lights in order to offer a good source of light. Any pattern is possible with LED lights therefore you can select a funky or more traditional design depending on personal preference.               

Benefits: • Low energy consumption • Long bulb lifespan • Adding additional light to your bathroom • Crisp light that offers a stylish modern mirror Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors: Illuminated bathroom mirrors are ones with external lights that reflect back on the surface of the mirror to provide a wonderful enhanced reflection from the mirror.

The lamps can either be fixed or adjustable allowing you to direct the light where it is required. The bulbs used in these mirrors can differ but are generally powerful and offer a good source of light.             

Benefits: • Provides a distinguished look • Easy access to the bulb should is need changing • Provides a good level of lighting to your bathroom There also a wide range of other features available for your bathroom mirror such as clocks shelving, demisters and even shaving sockets. This allows you to select a mirror that is suitable for your needs and requirements. We hope this guide has provided you with a better insight into the range of bathroom mirrors styles and designs available. Look out for further buying guides on our blog.

The Exclusive Mirrors Team x