As light-reflecting objects, mirrors are found in most homes because they can brighten up a place and also allow people to view themselves in the reflection. Mirrors are also commonly used as ornaments and in interior decoration. When used in this way, they can create the illusion that a room is more spacious than it actually is, making it seem bigger. The mirror can either be framed like an overmantle or pier mirror, or unframed, with large mirrors frequently used to this effect. Mirrors look great when hung on the wall as a decoration and the fact they amplify space like this just adds to their popularity. Within the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui, mirrors can sometimes be found. They can be placed and arranged in a certain way to be at one with the environment. Mirrors have been used as decorative items in the home for many years now. Interior designers attempt to use mirrors as a form of art, with antique designs especially used to bring out the texture and colour of its surface. If you are looking to freshen up a room of your home then mirrors are an excellent way to achieve this and make for an admirable decorative object.