Mirrors are a part of everyone’s life. Whether you use them to aid your personal styling or you use them as a designer accessory, they are here to stay. Most homes in the UK will feature a mirror, and where once this mirror was a practical item that was used to check what you looked like before you left for work in the morning, mirrors are now used to enhance modern living by adding innovative design into a home. Modern mirrors often focus more on the design of the mirror rather than the mirror glass that they contain. In fact, it can be difficult to see any reflection at all in some modern mirrors, as they are often more like a piece of wall art than a looking glass. Pebble mirrors The glass designs of pebble mirrors focus on the glass resembling the shapes of pebbles. These pebbles of glass are interwoven together to create a striking display. Pebble mirrors are more like a piece of art than a standard mirror and can certainly create a talking point in your living room. Tray mirrors The ‘tray’ effect created by the subtle angling of the frame gives tray mirrors their name. A tray mirror has plenty of room for you to look at your reflection, whilst also adding to the design theme of any room where it is situated.