It’s now common to find a mirror in just about any room in your home, from small mirrors which might be used for decorative purposes to large mirrors which can add to the opulence of the decor, there’s something for everyone. Octagon Art Deco mirrors For anyone who wants to show off an opulent style there is a huge array of Art Deco mirrors which do just this. An Art Deco octagon mirror isn’t just about the reflection; it’s also about the shape of the mirror and what it brings to a room. Octagon mirrors might feature different types of glass surrounding the centre piece or might feature different coloured glass. Whatever option you choose, if you pick an Art Deco mirror you’ll be adding that je ne sais quoi to your home. Large mirrors Large mirrors are great at reflecting light around the room and making it feel bigger than it actually is. A large mirror can be either wall mounted or if you have a space large enough, the trendy way to show off the mirror is to ‘lean’ it against the wall. Large mirrors can have quite simple frames or rather ornate frames which show off the mirror to its fullest. You just need to choose one which will fit in with your current decor. Modern mirrors If you are after that funky style that’s been featuring in every design magazine of late, you need look no further than a modern mirror. Modern mirrors come in a vast array of shapes and sizes and can add that talking point a room’s been really missing. Whether you choose a simple frame or a funky multi-facet frame, you’ll be happy with the difference that the mirror makes to the room.