Every master bedroom needs a mirror. Whether it’s for viewing your entire reflection or for grooming purposes such as hair, make up or shaving, the functional benefits of having a mirror within your bedroom are obvious, however a mirror can offer much more. Needs Analysis: Ask yourself why you need a mirror. Is it to look at an outfit? Is it for grooming? Or is it to simply add another decorative element to your room? All of these questions result in the need for quite different types of mirrors. Functional Properties:
  • Cheval Mirrors – are full-length, freestanding mirrors that are great for reflecting your entire image. They come in a range of frame shapes, colours and designs. If you do not have space for a freestanding mirror, then look for a similar design full-length wall mirror instead.
  • Dressing Table Mirrors– are mirrors that simply sit on a tabletop or dressing table. Usually used when grooming from a seated position. Dressing table mirrors take many forms from the more tradition three-fold type to a more space conscious single glass pane. If space on your dressing table is sparse, you may consider attaching a wall mirror above the table as an alternative.  
  • Decorative Mirrors – sometimes we just want a mirror that compliments the décor of the bedroom. Wall mirrors come in a vast array of shapes and sizes, which allow you to be choosy about the shape and colour so that they fit the design pallet of the room. For example you may choose to stand in front of a round, white framed mirror to do your hair each morning. There are mirrors for every design style, from modern and contemporary styling, through to chic French, Venetian and even vintage interior styles.
Reflective Properties: As well as their functional and decorative properties, mirrors also have a great role to play in creating the illusion of space and drawing in natural light. If positioned correctly, mirrors can reflect natural light – make sure you take the time to see how the light falls in your room and try to maximise this by positioning your mirror in an illuminated area. As well as reflecting light, you can also use a mirror to reflect a beautiful view and in a sense this creates art within your room.   So, when choosing a mirror for your bedroom think about what you will use it for. Don’t forget a mirror can be functional, but can also work to enhance your décor. There are many different types of mirror and it is important that you choose one that fits and works with the space you have available. Consider the positioning of the mirror within your bedroom, Choose a decorative mirror that compliments your décor and if possible enhances the space by creating the illusion of space and/or light.