It is the case in most homes that where there is a fireplace, there will be an open space on the wall above it. In order to avoid this space from looking bare, many will choose to decorate the area in some way. This could be with oversized mantel ornaments or a family photo, but one of the most popular ways to add dimension to a room is with a mirror. There are a few reasons mirrors work so well in this instance. Not only do they automatically make the room look larger, but they come in such an array of styles that they can really enhance the other furniture in a room, including the fireplace that it sits above. However, poor selection could also mean distracting from your other interior selection so choose carefully. If you’re not sure where to start on looking for a mirror, here are a few things to bear in mind, particularly for around the fireplace:   1. Style Think about the décor in your home. Mirrors don’t just come as plain rectangles in a simple frame any more – although of course these more traditional features remain popular. But, think of all the different shapes you could go for, full of colours, different textures, and irregular shaping. What would fit best with your interior décor? A white stained wooden-framed square mirror could look ideal if you are flaunting the vintage look in a cottage house, whereas an Art Deco mirror may fit better in a modern family home. Think about your style type before going shopping. 2. Size Make sure you know what size you’re looking for. Take a look at the empty wall and measure the area you would like to fill. Remember, something too small may look insignificant on its own, but if you’re planning on adding more detail – perhaps with some family photographs – then you won’t want a gigantic mirror. Alternatively, an oversized mirror could perhaps take away from the focus of the fireplace, often an expensive investment. This could particularly be the case with traditional cast iron fireplaces, which were traditionally smaller than today’s modern fires. 3. Wall structure Can your wall support the weight of a mirror? It is also worth considering how often you are likely to decorate. If you have a brick-walled fireplace, any holes made for the mounting of a mirror are permanent, and should only be minor due to the adjacent chimney! Of course, if the walls are plaster and you have an electric fire, this isn’t as much of an issue. The structure of the wall will impact the style and size of any potential wall hangings, including mirrors so assess the situation before you go shopping. 4. Lighting Think about how the rest of your furniture is positioned in the room. If you have lamps or overhead bulbs, these could be utilised to bounce light around the room through your mirror. However, make sure you review this, because a mirror may also shine the light onto the television or into your eyes, and in these instances, it’s worth moving your furniture around to make the most of your new mantelpiece addition.