We’ve been sifting through the latest interior magazines and checking out the blogs to see what’s hot for Summer 2017. We found that global style interiors are gaining popularity specifically with a nod towards Moroccan inspiration. The beauty of this trend is its vast array of colours and bohemian aesthetics gives you plenty of options for styling in your home.

When we think of Moroccan inspired interiors we think a warm space bursting full of energy from the colours and accessories, making it the perfect look for Summer. Let us first introduce you to this look with our mood board below.

 moroccan interior moodboard

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To start things off typical colours featured in this trend would usually be vibrant and bright. Clashing of colours would work great combining a blue with white and red or orange. The colours often tend to be inspired by the landscape; imagine blue and greens for the ocean, bronze, gold and yellows for the sand and rich orange and reds for the sunshine.


When it comes to decorating with a Moroccan theme you pretty much have the flexibility to do whatever you like. One of our favourite Moroccan styles in the minimalist feel, think simple furnishings combined with tons of decorative accessories. If you’re going for a stripped back approach be sure to use lots of textures in the form of rugs, throws and cushions. Minimalist themes can be given a touch of luxury from metal lanterns, sequin soft furnishings and decorative engraved ornaments.

If you’re after something a little more eye catching combining lavish furniture such as a console table or sofa with accessories such as a rug, cushions and table lamps will create an exciting space bursting with energy. The clashing of bright bold colours and patterns would work extremely well in these environments, don’t be afraid to feature both embroidered patterns with mosaic ceramics to create an authentic Moroccan look.

If you want to add a subtle Moroccan feel selecting some key pieces such as a vase, a runner rug or a statement cushions is the perfect way to inject the Moroccan vibe. Mosaic designs such as mirrors, lanterns and ornaments are typical Moroccan inspired accessories and offer beautiful intricate designs that can have a large impact in your space.

moroccan interior diamond mirror

Outdoor Living

With Moroccan interior taking inspiration from the natural landscape it’s no surprise that this theme also works exceptionally well in any outdoor space. Dress your outdoor table with Moroccan style candle lanterns and tableware with geometric patterns and bold colours. Enjoy Summer drinks in coloured glasses adding to the Moroccan styling and enhance your outdoor furniture with decorative cushions and colour pops to create a fun, exciting space.

Although this theme is about bright, bold patterns and colour clashing it can actually create a calm peaceful feel especially when brought outdoors.

moroccan inspired garden

For even more Moroccan Summer interior inspiration check out our Moroccan pinboard here >

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