As you will already be aware, mirrors are great at maximising the feeling of space within a room, while reflecting the light in a room to great effect. In smaller spaces like spare rooms, studies or home offices mirrors can be placed on the walls to make the room appear bigger. In the case of loft conversions, where you have created this additional space in your home, mirrors are perfect for this situation. Whether you have had this extra room built for another bedroom, or just want somewhere that the kids can play in peace, there are all sorts of mirrors you can buy, depending on your preferences. When you are fitting out a kid’s play room you can get safe mirrors that come in a range of novelty designs. Not only will the children love to look at them, but you can be sure these shatter-proof items are fine to place within this environment. Should the loft conversion be for another use, you may wish to consider getting Venetian or black glass styled mirrors, according to the design you have chosen for the room. There are many options available when you are selecting a mirror for your loft conversion space.