Mirrors are an excellent tool when trying to create a sense of openness. If positioned correctly they give the illusion of a room being bigger than it actually is. When placed on a plain wall they bring a room to life by reflecting back light and images of everything around them; making your ordinary room instantly seem more interesting. Often understated, mirrors can become a decorator’s secret weapon. In this article we are going to explore decorating with mirrors to create the image of a doorway in your room. We suggest doing this in rooms that need to appear bigger, perhaps a room used for entertaining or if you live in an apartment that feels a bit cramped. 1.     Pick the mirror style Begin by doing your research on what type of mirror you wish to buy, mirrors are available in an almost unlimited variety of frames, shapes and sizes; the market is truly your oyster. To create a sense of space and to replicate a doorway or portal we advise you pick a large mirror. Smaller mirrors can work, although you will struggle to create the same sense of depth that a larger mirror can offer. 2.     Experiment Once you have purchased your mirror you should take the time to move it around the room and explore just how much of an impact it can make. Place it on a mantle or a wall then remove it and watch the room expand before your very eyes. It is unlikely that you will get the placement right first time, thus we suggest taking this time to understand how the mirror works with the room. 3.     Create a doorway The obvious position for your mirror is opposite a doorway, corridor or any internal opening; as the mirror will reflect and magnify the sense of space and depth. The key is to create a clear angle to the mirror from a constantly populated part of the room and ensure that this angle produces the reflection of the doorway you targeted. It is impossible to ensure that your chosen reflection is seen from every angle and as such the mirror should be positioned to reflect the rooms most popular standing or sitting position. If for example you are working in the kitchen then you may position the mirror to be seen from the breakfast table. Alternatively if you are designing the living room you may choose to position the mirror to capitalise on the entrance area. A large full length mirror is a good starting point for this look as it is easily positioned, can sit right on the floor and they are typically door shaped. Of course if you prefer to hang your mirror this is perfectly fine as well. You can even get several smaller mirrors and make a patch work on the wall opposite a door frame to achieve the same effect. It is worth remembering that in order to achieve this look you should make the effort to ensure all doors are left open. If your doors are closed you simply won’t be able to create the same sense of space and depth. Once your mirror/s has been placed in its final position; take a step back and enjoy how the view is multiplied and the mirror creates the illusion that one open space flows into another indefinitely. Mirrors are no longer just associated with bathrooms and vanities; they are integral tools for interior and exterior designers. They are fabulous additions to any room, are considerably cheaper than renovation work and can really add a final touch that opens up a space. So whether you want to create the illusion of an open doorway or you just want to channel energy with feng shui; mirrors are a must when it comes to home design!