We’ve been receiving so many customer photos and blogger collaboration images recently and it’s been so interesting to see how each customer has styled the mirror in their own bedroom. A bedroom mirror is one of those pieces that can instantly enhance your room giving it that touch of something special, completing your look.

The question is; how do we style a bedroom mirror? If you’re working with a small bedroom space one mirror may be quite enough so as not to overpower your room. So do we go for a full length leaner mirror or a freestanding dressing table mirror or perhaps a wall mirror?

We’re going to share some of our favourite customer images to show  you just some of the ways mirrors can be used in a bedroom space.

Over A Dressing Table

Possibly one of the more obvious ways to use a mirror in the bedroom is to sit one on top of your dressing table. We recently collaborated with Steph from Blog Bay Bee and loved how she’d used our Hetti sunburst mirror, mounted on the wall, sitting slighting above her dressing table.

We love this look and it’s perfect for customers who are short on floor space as you can neatly fit a slim console table against your wall like the one featured below.

hetti round silver sunburst mirror

Photo Credit: Stephanie Moore (Blog Bay Bee)

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Behind Your Bed

If your headboard will let you, another great way to style a mirror is behind your bed. Your bed is more than likely going to be the opposite side to your door so featuring a mirror here is a perfect way to instantly demand attention as soon as anyone enters the room.

Depending on your décor, round mirrors, ornate frame mirrors and rectangular glass framed mirrors would all work extremely well above a bed. This shot we chose below creates a wonderful French boudoir feel with the ornate headboard and mirror complementing each other perfectly.

silver abbey rectangular ornate mirror

Opposite Your Bed

If you’re short on space in your bedroom and all you can fit is your bed with just enough room to walk around, you may be left with a plain empty wall that you’re struggling to do anything else with. This wall is the perfect opportunity to feature a mirror, not only will it add interest it will also help create the illusion of space.

This customer demonstrates this perfectly in the shot below with the large glass framed mirror projecting the light beautifully around the room. Featuring the mirror landscape can also help increase the feel of depth and space.

full length large glass framed mirror

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Leant up Against A Free Wall

If you’ve got a free wall with enough floor space available, a full length, freestanding cheval mirror or a leaner style is the perfect shout. Not only do these mirrors create a wonderful centrepiece they also provide a full length reflective area to get dressed in.

Leaner mirrors have become exceptionally popular for use in bedroom. Most of our full length mirrors can be wall mounted or leant up against the wall however we’ve seen many customers using the leaner style to add a touch of modern elegance to their bedroom.

This shot below demonstrates this perfectly with the mirror sitting beautifully against the wall, again depending on your décor here a range of full length mirrors could be used such as the more modern glass framed or decorative, ornate French style.

Abbey full length ornate gold mirror

Photo credit: Maxine Brady (We Love Home)

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Behind Your Bedside Table

We recently worked with Kate from Fabric of my Life blog who featured our curved edge black leaner mirror in her bedroom makeover. When we received the shots we absolutely loved how she had positioned the mirror just behind the bedside table creating an effective focal point that was still subtle and chic.

This shot shows a leaner mirror but this look can also be achieved with smaller sized wall mirrors. Choose mirrors here that will complement your bed allowing that to take centre stage with the mirrors simply accompanying the look.

curved edge black industrial mirror

 Photo credit: Kate Baxter (Fabric Of My Life) 

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