When you are looking to buy a new mirror for your home you will usually think of the purchase as a necessity rather than something that actually adds to the interiors of a room. However, with the latest Venetian mirrors you can buy online they give you so much more than just a standard mirror would. These Venetian mirrors, which can be selected in many different shapes and sizes, are perfect for creating a particular look in a room and can really act as more like a piece of art than just an object with a reflective surface. The ornate and intricate designs of Venetian mirrors are distinctive in that they draw together a number of smaller etched pieces of glass although each design is unique in its own special way. One of the options available that you may wish to consider is the attractive Black Etched Frame Venetian 'Shield' Mirror with its floral and leaf design. The top and bottom of the mirror are adorned with sophisticated black glass crowns. Or if you want to get a mirror that really is the focal point of the room, then there is the Extra Large Venetian 'Bubble' Mirror. The size of the mirror makes it stand out, while its intricate design which uses many small pieces of clear and black glass leaves you with a truly classy-looking mirror that would be ideal when placed over the mantelpiece or used in a hall. Take your pick from an excellent choice of Venetian mirrors.