Regardless of the season it's nice to feel a warm cosy atmosphere in your home. However as we move into the colder months it becomes even more important to make your home an an inviting cosy place for you to relax and chill. There's way more to being cosy that just being warm it's the illusion you create and your furniture can contribute massively to this.

In this guide we offer some simple ways to help create that warmth we so desire as we move into the chillier Autumn and Winter months.

Consider Your Lighting Choices

 Candles definitely create the perfect atmospheric lighting that will add warmth to your home; however it is not always practical to have a naked flame in your living space. Table lamps are becoming increasingly popular not only for their practical lighting solutions but also for their beauty and style.

You can find the perfect table lamps in a nickel or brass finish along with a lamp shade of your choice that will have very similar warming effects to that of a candle. To complement the table lamp you may also want to purchase a light bulb labelled warm this will shine a rich intense light throughout your home all adding to the overall atmosphere.

brass lamp                      

We¬íve selected this Brass lamp from Beau Décor as the ideal table lamp to add warmth to your home. Its funky modern design will add a striking feel whilst its brass finish and dark beige/brown shade is ideal for adding that cosy feel.

Invest in blankets and throws

Boost the comfort in your home by having blankets and throws on hand in your living room and bedroom. Fantastic if you have a leather sofa that can sometimes offer a cold feel draping a fluffy blanket across the back or on the arm can drastically transform the feel and look of your furniture.

Cushions are also great; the perfect decorative accessory for your bedroom or living room; select a warm colour such as a brown or cream and add them to your sofa or chairs.


Choose Glimmering Mirrors/ Accessories 

Metallic mirrors and accessories are a key trend that is sent to continue throughout the Winter months. A gold or silver finished mirror is the ultimate in luxury and will add instant warmth to your home. Invest in an eye catching piece that will not only add warmth but will also create a stunning focal point.

For true opulence a gold rococo mirror is the perfect choice to add a charming elegant feel to your home. Its stunning decorative detailing is sure to create a luxurious atmosphere that will add warmth and love to your home.

holford mirror                        

We've selected this beautiful decorative ornate gold finished mirror as the perfect choice to add warmth to your living space. Its elegant swirls to the frame will add a decorative feel to your walls whilst also helping to reflect the natural light.

Other accessories that can be used are gold finish photo frames, decorative ornaments and larger items such as this beautiful Versailles French style bedside table.

gold bedside table                      

Decorate Your Fireplace

Believe it or not your fireplace can change the whole atmosphere in your living space. An empty unused fireplace can often create coldness in your home. You can easily transform an unused fireplace into a warming focal point that sets the tone for your entire room. If possible filling your fireplace with logs is a great start and will add an authentic feel.

Additionally adding decorative accessories such as candles, photo frames and other knick knacks will create a cosy feel. What's more if you're looking to create a bold statement placing an overmantle mirror above your fireplace in a gold, cream or ivory finish will also contribute to the overall look creating a stunning centre piece.


We hope this guide has offered some inspiration on different ways you can add a subtle warmth to your living space. For further inspiration check out our cosy interiors pinboard which offers some beautiful home décor style ideas.