With Mothers Day on the horizon we thought it would be nice to put together a quick guide on ways to make mum smile. Other than lavishing her with gifts, chocolates and flowers you might want some other, more simple ways to make mum smile. It’s definitely easier to show this special person how much she’s loved and appreciated and sometimes the little things can mean more than any extravagant gift. We’ve put together some simple ideas that could help you earn some extra brownie points with mum.

breakfast in bed

Wake her up with breakfast 

Ok so this may be an obvious one but definitely something that will surprise mum as soon as she wakes up. Lets face it, it’s not often any of us have the time to have breakfast in bed so waking up that little bit earlier and surprising her will work a treat… especially if she’s the one usually making breakfast.    

Do her chores

If mum’s the one whose usually cleaning, hoovering or ironing take over for the day and get involved. The extra help won’t go unnoticed and mum will definitely appreciate you giving up your own time to help her.   craft card

Make a card It doesn’t matter what age you are, your mum will always consider you her child. Hand make her a Mother’s Day card that can become a keepsake and something she will want to proudly display. Even personalising the card and including a photograph of you will mean much more than buying a card.

You don’t have to get super creative but the subtle touches will all add to making her smile.        

Make a collage Collect a few photographs or print out some pictures you may have on your phone or camera and create a collage. Buying a photo frame or a picture frame if you want something bigger is a great way to create a DIY gift. Arrange the pictures in a collage style way and wrap it up, that way she will have a constant reminder of some of her favourite memories.   Bakeafternoon tea

If you’re a dab hand at baking this is your perfect opportunity to get creative. Whether it be a cake, cupcakes or your mums favourite treat, baking is an easy way for you to create your very own gift. You could always bake some scones and create an ‘afternoon tea’ for your mum in your very own home. Something a bit different to the traditional Sunday lunch, but perfect if your mum has a sweet tooth!  

Our interior bloggers share how they’re spending Mother’s Day and what they’re doing to make their mum smile.

amy round pic  

exclusiveAMY-  I’ve ordered my mum a box of cupcakes from a local bakery which say happy Mother’s Day on. The bakery does some impressive cupcake designs and it’s perfect as my mum has a sweet tooth. I’ve also ordered a personalised Moonpig card with some photo on from our holiday last year which I know she will love as there are some great memories.  

  Jo round pic

exclusiveJO-  As I am a mummy of two children myself, I am staying at home this year and will allow them to pamper ME for a change. Haha! My mum lives a long way from me but I was lucky enough to see her last weekend. We enjoyed a family meal and time playing with the children. I have already ordered a basket of flowers to be sent to her and plan to search for creative ideas on Pinterest so that I can do some arts and crafts with the children to make something extra special to send in the post for nannie. Although I do know that the one thing my mum will cherish the most on Mothering Sunday will be a simple phone call to show that I am thinking of her.

  sarah round pic  

exclusiveSARAHWell it does not take much to make my Mother smile, so this was easy. Sadly I will not be in the same country as her this year,  so I have had a card made with a personal quote which our family always use just as a reminder of how much she is loved. I have also had a little box of treats sent over to her so she can have some pamper time, I know she will love that!