Your bedroom is considered your safe haven a place where you can relax therefore it is essential you choose your bedroom mirror carefully. Selecting a mirror that is appropriate for your bedroom is key as you do not want to overpower your space or create a negative energy which may potentially spoil your calm relaxing environment. Mirrors work well in almost every room in your home however in this guide we offer some tips on where to place mirrors in your bedroom design.  

Behind your door 

Ideally in every bedroom you should have at least 2 mirrors not only to help create light and space but also for practical reasons. A full length mirror offers a great reflection whereas a dressing table mirror can assist you when getting ready. A full length mirror can provide a stunning reflection and usually offers a tall sleek design therefore taking up very little floor space.

Due to their compact design they’re ideal for any sized bedroom space. If you’re short on space positioning the full length mirror behind the back of your door is a great way to utilise space. Alternatively you can place the mirror on the inside of your wardrobe door ensuring you can still get a good reflection. If it lacks sufficient light adding a simple table lamp near the mirror will create light without cluttering your space.  


 If you have the luxury of a large bedroom space or better still a dressing room area a free standing mirror is the perfect option. Cheval mirrors are great as they offer a full length reflection with the added benefit of a decorative or ornate style frame. There are many cheval mirrors that offer a shabby chic feel perfect for individuals looking to create a French boudoir feel.

If you’re looking for something a little more stylish a leaner mirror is another freestanding mirror option. A leaner style will instantly create a contemporary elegant feel and are perfect for creating a striking focal point. Leaner mirrors are oftener available with beautiful lavish frames allowing you to select a style that will enhance your current bedroom design.


On a dressing table

 A dressing table mirror is possibly one of the most popular mirrors in any bedroom. Not only do they offer the luxury of sitting down comfortably when getting ready they also create their own mini focal point in your bedroom. Ideally you should look to place you dressing table either directly in front of your window or near it so you can benefit from the natural daylight.

The mirror is also able to reflect the light and project it around your bedroom. Although a traditional style, dressing table mirrors have become exceptionally popular and are available in a range of finishes allowing you to select a style that will suit your bedroom. Some dressing table mirror even offer LED lighting offering a further boost of light great for helping you get ready.

led dressing                      

Behind your bed The final mirror design tip for your bedroom is to feature your mirror behind your bed on the wall. Placing a mirror above your bed will create a stunning look specifically if you opt for an elegant ornate frame that will add a decorative flair to your current wall space.

By placing your mirror above your bed you are also ensuring the mirror will not reflect your body whilst in bed. According to Feng Shui a mirror facing the bed directly depletes your personal energy when you need it the most; at night-time when your body is carrying out it repair.

Additionally Feng Shui suggests a mirror facing your bed is said to bring the energy of the third party to a relationship. By you positing your mirror behind your bed you are abiding by the Feng Shui guidelines and will also create a stunning centrepiece in your room.   We hope this article has offered you some useful ideas on ways to feature a mirror in your bedroom design.

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