It can be said that everyone’s home says a little about one’s personality or one’s desires or wants. And it thus follows that the furniture and decoration you choose in the home may thus speak volumes about you as a person and the life you live. Decorative mirrors A flamboyant decorative mirror with a large frame surround may suggest that you are an outgoing person who likes to show off. It may also be an indication of how you love to control your surroundings and have an interesting and eclectic personality. Art Deco Mirrors A person who may choose an Art Deco mirror could be said to appreciate classic style and may have a house which also reflects this. Whilst Art Deco might not be as flashy or flamboyant as other design styles, it does show a uniformity and symmetry which may be reflected in the person’s life. Modern mirrors Modern mirrors might not be as showy or eclectic as some other mirror designs, but they do say a lot about the person who chooses them. A modern mirror, whilst being functional and usable, has a simple flair which may reflect the design tendencies of the contemporary homeowner. While some modern mirrors are funky and outgoing, others are more restrained and take a lot of looking into before their personality shines through.