The sizing of mirrors is something we at Exclusive Mirrors get asked on a daily basis. We often get calls on the size of particular mirrors and what size would be suitable for certain living areas within the home. Of course the size of the mirror is entirely your choice but more often than not a lot of our customers get a surprise when they receive their mirror and see just how big it really is.

Some of our large and oversized mirrors even tower above some of our staff members! In this post we'll talk you through some of the questions to ask yourself before placing a mirror order and some handy tips that should give you a better idea on the actual size of the mirror you're purchasing.

Where is the mirror going?

So the first question to ask yourself is; where do I want the mirror positioned in my home?  More often than not a wall mirror will be used in a dining room, hallway, living room or bedroom. Typically an average sized rectangular mirror is around 120 x 80cm. Our rectangular mirror sizes do vary but for a medium sized design something around this size would be suitable and should not overpower a medium sized living space. Similarly with round mirrors an average size mirror would be around 89cm in diameter, we have varying other sizes both smaller and larger than this.

A handy tip we learnt from interior designers in the past is that generally people with a small space shy away from larger sized mirrors as they think the mirror may overpower the living space. In actual fact a large mirror can sometime be a better option as the reflective area is able to project the light and reflect it around your room, creating the illusion of increased space. Don't be scared to experiment with the positioning of the mirror too, if you have a small space try utilising it by placing the mirror either horizontal or vertical. Many of our rectangular mirrors can be positioned either way and the majority of our leaner mirrors can also be mounted on the wall therefore taking up little floor space.

Full length and extra-large mirrors as well as cheval mirrors all offer full length reflective areas. These large oversized mirrors are generally used in bedrooms or dressing rooms and can create a stunning focal point (we've also seen these style mirrors used beautifully in living rooms and dining rooms too!)  These mirrors can range from 160cm to 200cm in height which is around 5ft 2inches to 6ft 5inch which is a pretty large mirror! Often these mirrors also have ornate, decorative frames  therefore if you're after something perhaps a little more understated a cheval mirror may be the best option. Cheval mirrors are generally tall, sleek and freestanding meaning they can be moved around, yet also offer the functionality of a full length reflective area.

What is the true size of the mirror?

Having a basic idea of the size of your mirror is key to ensuring you don't get any nasty shocks when the mirror is delivered to your home. After you've selected the perfect place for you mirror to go, and you've found a mirror design you like the look of, we recommend measuring out the size of the mirror on your wall. A good idea is to map out the sizing of the mirror with a plain piece of paper and some blue tack marking each corner on the wall, allowing you to get a true feel for the mirrors size. This is especially important when it comes to areas such as over your fireplace where you may be limited in height, therefore ensuring the size of the mirror will seamlessly fit is extremely important.

After mapping out your mirror you may be surprised with the true size, if the mirror is too big for your space have another browse through our range. We offer an extensive choice of mirrors in a wide range of sizes and styles so you may find a similar style mirror at the size you require.

If the size fits then there's nothing else left to do but to place your mirror order! We have a dedicated team of mirror specialists on hand to answer any questions you may have, so if you do have any questions regarding the sizing of a mirror, or anything else please call us on 01709 477701.