When you want to create space and bring in more light to your home a mirror can be very important in helping you to achieve this. The mirror can also become the centrepiece of any room, and so if this is going to be the case, then it is necessary to take time in order to choose the right mirror for you. In looking at the many different types of mirrors available these days, it is worth going through your home to work out what would go best with your interior design. This could be just a regular overmantle mirror or a mirror that will make more of an impact, such as a decorative mirror or an elegant and modern Art Deco mirror. A decorative mirror may be the best option if you are looking for a particular style to suit a large room. Ornate mirrors can often be quite large and usually come with bulky frames so it is worth bearing this in mind. The traditional mirrors in this category can be a bit thinner and lighter than other decorative mirrors, but you may also want to consider overmantle mirrors as these are not too dissimilar. Overmantle mirrors are a great option if you are after a traditional style of mirror to place over a fireplace or hearth. There are plenty of other mirror styles that may be more suited to the interior design of your home, so be sure to take a look online to check out the selection available.